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What is a good name for a 5k general cancer run/walk?

The event will allow participants to choose where there money is donated: General, Breast, Prostate, Leukemia, and Skin Cancers foundations. It will have a 1 mile walk around campus and a 5k walk or run around town. We need a good creative name for it that will bring in more participants.

Your choice walk
walk for a choice
5k choice walk

What questions can I ask at the breast cancer walk?

What can I ask the volunteers and the walkers?


"why are here today?"
"how long have you been volunteering? is this your first walk?"
"how do you think this will help? what do you hope to achieve by doing this"

If you sign up for the breast cancer walk as an individual can you join a team later?

Just wondering, wanted to get a head start on getting sponsors.

my wife did..she signed up and then switch to a weight watchers group..

What do you suggest bringing to the 3-Day breast cancer walk?

I’m thinking about participating this year in August, and want to know in advance what I should bring. I’m aware they give you a tent, but what else should we bring? I will be participating with three others, so there is four of us total.

Thank you in advance!

Avon’s website has recommendations on what to bring. You will need a waist pack with water bottles, plenty of socks (plan on changing socks at least twice a day). Corn starch to help keep your feet dry. Vaseline for arm pits (Yes it sounds gross but your pits will chafe and it works). Antipersperant for your feet (yes it keeps em dry!)

Comfortable clothes to walk in. a second pair of walking shoes, slippers or uggs to wear around camp. A lightweight jacket for nights in camp. Sleeping bag, personal hygeine (don’t bother with makeup), Sunscreen, a wide brimmed hat….Sleeping bag, air mattress or closed cell pad, pillow.

I’ve done two Avon Walks, I walked in the very first walk from Santa Barbara to Malibu and one in Washington State.