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Need a name for my team for 3 day Breast Cancer walk for the cure?

I am doing the walk in October and have to come up with a Team Name . Any ideas would be great. Its a 3 day 60 mile walk!

Breast Friends
Bosom Buddies
Finish or "Bust"
Double Duty

How do you start a walk for cancer ?

ok so my best friend and i really want to help kids and adults with cancer. we know how to do a lemonade stand but how can you legally start a donation walk for cancer ? please help .
i am freakin out about this legal stuff and i dont know how to handle it ! i cant do a walk by myself .

you need money, permits and more money

you need the permits to block off the road you want to have the walk for

you need money because you need a lot of advertising

Some people asked me to sponsor them for a charity walk. How can i ensure the money reaches the charity?

Don’t give cash; make your check payable to the organization they say they are walking for.

Volunteer at the childs hospital or do the cancer walk?

Which one would you do? I want to do one next year.

Also what do you think of my idea?

They should make a barbie doll with no hair and comes with a head scarf so every little girl fighting cancer can feel beautiful, and donate the proceeds to cancer research.

Should the barbie company take this into consideration?

Q: Would you ever shave your head so someone you know and love don’t have to go through it alone?

-Those St. Jude commercials get to me BIG TIME.

If you have the time to dedicate to it, volunteer at the hospital. The kids would love the company. You could play games with them, read to them, listen to them etc…

Of course Mattel should make a bald Barbie for charity. I had a bald Barbie when I was little that was from the 60s and she came with 3 wigs. Best barbie ever!

What is a good team name for the Relay For Life cancer walk?

I cant think of a good team name for the cancer walk, any suggestions?

Walking Healers?