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Would volunteering for the breast cancer walk be considered community service?

Hi, I am asking this question for my boyfriend who needs 6 hours of community service, that was one of his requirements when he was sentenced. The race for the cure walk is coming up and I usually volunteer to help register people ad hand out shirts. Would that be considered community service? If not, what are some places he could go to, to volunteer. I need something quick because his court date is soon. Thank you!
The did not give him any list of options at all.

Since this is court ordered community service, you need to have him check with his attorney, the court, or the prosecuting attorney to make sure it counts. Hope this helps.

Is there a melanoma cancer walk in New York?

my father has been diagnose with melanoma cancer (skin cancer) and I want to support, is there a walk in New York for it?

According to the Melanoma Research Foundation: "Currently we have TEAM runs in DC, Denver, and Jacksonville". They also list other events in other areas. Give this site a look. Good Luck.


How do I start an annual dog walk for charity in my city?

We are a small town of about 16,000. We have so many dogs here though! For my Girl Scout Gold award, I knew I wanted to do something with animals. I’ve always been so angry about animal cruelty, circus animals, ect., so I want to do a dog walk and raise money. How do go about doing this? Our troop has like no money. Also, where should the money go? I want it to be somewhere people will enjoy giving their money to. Any organizations that help circus animals? thank you!!

You should first decide what charity the money goes to. The Girls Scouts are not a profit making organization, but you can budget your expense in with the proceeds that you raise. So once you have decided on a benefactor you then outline a budget. For the type of event you are having you might want to post your annoucements at pet stores, dog parks and hand them out there as well. You can sponsor a dog walking week. For one week you can make appointments to take dogs out. Or you can have a dog carnival. Where people can gather together and have events and speakers about their animals. You can ask a dog groomer to donate their services or you can pay them for a dog grooming event. You can ask you local pet store to work with you on your fund raising event and sponsor an event in your charities behalf. Working with animals is a bit of a hazard, and you may require insurance for your promotion. So it is very important that your budget is a realistic one.

NEW! What would be a good name for a dog charity walk using Pheonix?

I already asked this but this is different! I am trying to save the dog rescue, Villalobos. They are a pit bull Rescue and she hires Parolees.
To help them I am organizing a walk. Kind of like Walk for the Cure. The only problem is I need a name for the walk. Any ideas?
I would like to incorpurate Pheonix, the majestical bird who rose from the ashes. Because they are shut down and were raising money for them to rise up again, just like the bird.

You are doing a really good thing by trying to save the dog rescue Villalobos.How about keeping it simple like Charity Dog Walk,caring for pit-bull paws,rise like Phoenix dog walk or even Phoenix Dog walk.Hope I helped(let me know what you decide to call it)Bye!!

Is it wrong to wear teal to a Susan G. Comen breast cancer walk?

I do like to show my support, but I don’t feel like there is enough of an outpouring for other types of women’s cancers (teal for ovarian, teal & white for cervical, and peach for uterine) Is it frowned upon to support other women’s cancers at a breast cancer walk?

Your heart is in the right place, but your mind isn’t. Although I completely agree that other cancers don’t get enough support, The place to rally support for them is not at another kind of cancer walk. At best, you will probably confuse anyone who recognizes the colors and their meanings, causing them to wonder if you know which cancer you’re supporting today.

At worst, you will come across like a guest at a party who takes over and hogs the spotlight with her drama. I know this is not your intention, but it would rather look like you’re saying "Breast Cancer gets too much attention! Everyone should pay attention to MY cause, and not this one!" . Let the breast cancer walk have its day in the sun, and if you really want to help the other cancers, help organize events for them. Don’t try to take awareness AWAY from breast cancer, try to raise MORE awareness for other cancers…but not at this event.