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What is a good team name for librarians in a charity walk?

Strength in Numbers

School cancer walk tomorrow what should I bring?

I have a school cancer walk tomorrow! We have to walk about 10km there and 10km back and we are aloud to bring a small bag to put like bandaids and stuf in but i don’t know what to bring?
We are walking on pavement and it takes about 3-4 hours to walk there and back! I just need like a supplies list kind of to bring with me!

Lots of water
extra clothes (look at the weather)
good shoes
bandaids, first aid kit
snacks (granola bars)

Walkathon t shirt design ideas?

There is a walkathon at my high school coming up and there is a t shirt design contest and i would love some ideas… an idea that i have would be to have paw prints on it.. what do you guys think?

Tie die with school colors and a boy color and a girl color

Is it possible to walk a marathon?

Or how about walking/jogging a marathon, even though it’s primarily for runners, do they allow that? and not even race walking or whatever just normal walking, because I want to walk a marathon… someday!!!
thanks for any help 🙂

depending on the marathon, I would say yes. Most marathons have people jog or run, but there are many who cannot do that. I know for many that support a cause, they usually allow people to walk. I have not heard of any marathon where they don’t allow you to walk.

Is there a charity walk that benefits the homeless in Orange County, CA?

I am looking to walk to help the homeless in the coming months (December or later)

Call all the various homeless-related nonprofits in Orange County and ask what opportunities they have for volunteers in December. You can find these looking on Google. Also see sites like VolunteerMatch, idealist, AllforGood, etc.

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