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how does a charity walk work?

I’m going to do a charity walk tomorrow, and I’m nervous about how the logistics work (i’m new, obviously). We are supposed to register beforehand tomorrow morning; what should I expect? To pay money to register? I didn’t get any sponsors or anything, is that necessary? The flyer only says a time frame for the walk, no distance, so does it matter how far/long I walk? How exactly would I be helping if I don’t pay and don’t have any sponsors? I don’t want to make a fool of myself, can someone help clue me in?

its not big deal. Usually the distances are not too long because they expect children and elderly people to participate. Just go in the morning, register and bring a bottle of water and a iPod. Make a donation if you can afford it, its perfectly ok if you don’t, and just enjoy the walk.

How do I set up Paypal for donations for cancer walk?

My family and I are doing a walk for Cancer on October 16,2011 and we have some people who would like to donate money through paypal. I already have an account with them and have been trying to figure out what information to give the others. How do I set it up so that they can send us the donation?

Any help is greatly appreciated ^_^

Donations aren’t supposed to be sent to your pocketbook. They should be set up to go to the fundraiser account in your group’s name so you will get the credit for it. Too many people use a charity as an excuse to line their own pockets for many to willingly fork out cash they may not be able to get back if found out to be a scam.

Charity dog walks in VA?

I just wanted to know if there are any charitable dog walks in Northern VA? Thanks.

Your local humane society will probably know.

Walking a Half Marathon?

Im planning on walking in a half marathon on September 13. I’ve been walking but not too much out of the ordinary. I can comfortably walk 5 miles, and I’ve walked 9 miles without any training. Would I be ready to walk the 13.1 miles by the 13th. and what do I need to do to be ready.

okay, well when i was younger my dad was obsessed with running. he would go to the gym like four times a week after work. he would do like three different machines a night. he was fit and strong. i think if you practice just a little more than you will be ready. just keep running but don’t think about it.

How do you organize a school walkathon?

I’m a freshman, and I want to start a walk-a-thon at my high school. I know, sounds crazy, but that aside, I need to know what to do in order to do that. I have a cause (to support Japan’s earthquake victims), and a school track at my disposal. Do you have any suggestions/experience to share (in terms of how to promote, put together a committee, etc.)?

put up posters, hand out flyers. talk to friends, ask people to tell people. uhmmm. if they will let you, do an announcement over a mic or something..