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How to start a Charity: Water fundraiser walkathon?

Clean drinking water is such a large issue in today’s society. Lack of clean drinking water kills more people than all forms of violence, including war.

I would like to organize a walkathon to raise money to build a well through Charity: Water. One well costs $5,000 and takes one year to build, after which the people who donated the money are given information and a picture of the well that they funded. I have a lot of great ideas already, but I don’t know how to do the most important thing – collect the money. I’ve never done a walkathon or marathon of any sort so I’m not sure how that all works. On the Charity:Water website you can start a campaign where people can donate, but I’m not sure how that works out with teams, etc.

Is there anyone who is familiar with this type of fundraiser or Charity: Water that could give me some advice?

First you need to be 18 yrs of age, register your nonprofit with the government and receive a tax exempt number before you start a charity.

2010 Hemophilia Walkathon Recap

This video is a recap highlighting some of the great moments at the 2010 Columbus, Ohio Hemophilia Walkathon, held to raise money and awareness to help individuals and families with hemophilia and related concerns.

“Business As Usual Full” – Biz Underscores – Royalty Free Music Revolution
“Rock America” – Modern Rock – Radical Music Library

Filmed and edited by Ferrocious Footage Films, Copyright 2010.

Duration : 0:4:0

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