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Olivia Newton-John and friends – Great walk to Beijing 08

Go on http://live.greatwalktobeijing.com/
Sponsor steps and help change the way cancer is treated throughout the world.
Cliquer pour aller sur le site http://live.greatwalktobeijing.com/ et sponsoriser les pas d’OLivia ou d’un autre marcheur.

International stars and cancer survivors are going to walk 228kms along the Great Wall of China in just 23 days. You too can help build a global model for patient focused cancer care and research — The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre.
Des rescapés du cancer et des vedettes du show businnes et du sport sont en train de marcher 228kms le long de la muraille de chine pour collecter des fonds pour la lutte contre le cancer et la construction du Olivia Newton-John cancer centre à Melbourne.

The songs used for this video, “Shekhinah”, written by the talentuous Amy Sky, and “Let go Let God” (written by Newton-John, Sky, Bullard) are from Olivia’s album “Grace and Gratitude”.

To listen her duet with Delta Goodrem from the new album “A CELEBRATION IN SONG:Olivia Newton-John and friends” available on Amazon.com May 6th and in Australia May 5th, go on http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=yPnH51vMFFo

Duration : 0:8:16

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Walk A Thon part 1.wmv

Part 1 of are 17 mile trek to raise money for the feature film “Chase: Tony Zimmerman’s Assault on Greatness” with portions of the proceeds going to the “V Foundation” for cancer research.

Duration : 0:9:10

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Nicole walks dogs for charity on Well of Change!

WELLOFCHANGEhttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/wellofchangeNonprofitwellofchange, fundraise, volunteer, philanthropy, charity, service, talent, skill, product, item, good, Well of Change, social, social responsibility, movement, online, platform, marketplace, community involvement, walk, dogNicole walks dogs for charity on Well of Change!

Duration : 0:0:45

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Positively Crossing America With Brain Tumors Charity Walk Update

In this video I share an update as to what is happening in regards to my charity Brain Tumor walk across the USA and back. I will be starting my national walk on November 1 from Clearwater Florida and walking across the US to San Francisco and then back east to NYC, and finally home to Scranton PA.

Duration : 0:8:4

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Mitrice Richardson – Amber Dubois Walkathon.mp4 ©Chip Croft

© Chip Croft Mitrice Richardson volunteers Dr. Ronda Hampton and Chip Croft enter the Amber Dubois Walkathon in Escondido, CA. Amber and Mitrice both appeared on the same cover of of People magazine that featured young persons who have vanished in the past year. The Walkathon on February 13th was exactly one year after Amber disappeared on the way to school. Ronda and Chip entered to show support for a fellow missing person and to represent Mitrice’s family and volunteers. Mitrice has been missing since September 17, 2009 after release from the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriffs station at 1:00 AM with no wallet, no cell phone, no car, no way home.

Duration : 0:9:43

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