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3 Day Breast Cancer Walk 2009, San Francisco – Team Freshly Squeezed

5 Women
1 Journey
60 Miles
3 Days

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Lady Gaga Impersonator Alondra Garibay For The 2009 AIDS CHARITY WALK

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Alondra Garibay As Lady Gaga www.myspace.com/gloriatrevi2
Alondra Garibay at The Charity Event For The 2009 San Diego AIDS Walk
Alondra Garibay Performing Lady Gaga live at My Buddys Place In Imperial Ca

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Bark- n- Bubbles * Sunday * Oct 25th

Bark-n-Bubbles Charity Dog Wash–Co-Sponsored by Central Phoenix Fetch Pet Care http://www.centralphoenixfetch.com & Maui Wowi at 38th St. & Indian School on October 25th from 10 am until 12:30 pm. ALL proceeds go to PLEA Charities to benefit for the Phoenix K9 Squad working dogs. ALL donations are tax deductible!

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New York Walkathon for Bhopal

In May 2009, Kids for a Better Future organized a walkathon in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. This was in solidarity with Kids Against DOW-Carbide. Kids for Better Future is a child-run organization run by Akash Visvanath Mehta that organizes and fundraises for various child-related issues all over the world. Children Against Dow-Carbide is an organisation of the children born to the survivors of the 1984 Bhopal Gas Disaster and the victims of the water poisoned due to the waste abandoned at the Union Carbide factory site in Bhopal, India.

Duration : 0:4:21

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does anybody know the promotional code for registration of the Susan G Komen 3 day Breast Cancer Walk?

I want to register to walk the 3 day but I cant find the promotional code that gives you a discount…. any information on how to find it or what it is would be fabulous!!! Thank you!!

Breast Cancer 3-Day Walks
About the Events:
The Breast-Cancer 3-Day Walks benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation are challenging and exciting events held in multiple US cities each year. Walkers are challenged to walk approximately 20 miles a day for 3 days. They camp out each night in a tent city. All meals, snacks, and trail support are provided. Each walker must raise a minimum of $2300 in donations to participate.

Registration fee is $90. Register online or by mail. Once registered you will receive your training packet and be assigned to a coach. Orientation sessions are held in the walk cities, and walk training groups are held in many locations. The event is open to both men and women, age 16 and above. Minors must participate with their parent or legal guardian.