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Have you ever done a charity walk? Were you able to walk much father than you expected you could?

I want to do one coming up in May. Its a long one and typically I think I could do maybe a quarter of the way but wonder if the moment will get me through farther or even all the way? I exercise every day and am fit but I also have asthma and so cardio is challenging for me.

I did a walk for Breast Cancer with my Aunt in Chicago. It was a incredible experience and I was so infatuated with the city and my surroundings and the millions of people that I did not pay any attention to the distance I was walking. The day went by so fast. I walked a lot farther then I expected.

Guardian for 3-day for the cure breast cancer walk?

I am planning on doing the 3-day with my friend and her mom.
We are both 16 and it says we have to have a guardian on the walk.
Can her mother be considered my guardian as long as my parents allow it?

There is no other way for me to be able to do the walk unless she can be my guardian.

i think that would be ok good luck take care, mike uk

Can I use indoor training shoes for walking outside?

I want to buy a pair of adidas kundos but the label says for indoor use only. I checked out wikipedia and it said indoor shoes are also used for things like marathon runs and basketball but I’m not sure if they meant indoor running and basketball. So what do you think, can I use them for casual use outdoors like walking or do you think they might tear or something cause of sun and temperature and blah blah?

no they arent that fragile. i mean they dont have grip at the bottom so you might slip at worst but you can use them for anything you want as long as it works

3-Day Breast Cancer Walk, September 24-26, 2008, Michigan

A memorable walk for a cure!

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Motif Charity Walk 2010, Ahmedabad

Motif encourages a strong sense of social awareness through a range of philanthropic activities organized by its employees.

The Annual Motif Charity Walk is one such activity, the objective of which is to create health awareness and raise funds for the underprivileged, through people participation. Motif has been conducting this event for the past seven years and it has now become a much awaited annual event in the citys social calendar. The walk is supported by individual contributions and corporate sponsorships.

Minimum charity per participant is Rs. 100/- and Motif matches Rs. 100/- for every registered participant. First 5000 registrants also get a complimentary T-shirt. The number of participants has increased from 700 in the First Annual Charity Walk in 2003 to 5000 people participating in the 7th Annual Motif Charity Walk in 2009 and the funds raised have increased from 2 Lacs in 2003 to over 25 Lacs in 2009. Motif takes pride in only organizing this event and all the donations go directly in the name of the beneficiary NGOs. So far, Motif has raised over Rs. 79 Lacs for NGOs such as Andh Kanya Prakash Gruh, Emergency Medical Services, Gujarat Stree Pragati Mandal (Utthan Talim), Manav Sadhna, Saath, Sense International, Sneh Prayas, Pratham, The Times Foundation, Akshaya Patra Foundation, Karuna Kare Foundation, Sanjivani Health and Relief Committee and The Gujarat Cleft & Craniofacial Research Institute.

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