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when is a breast cancer walk coming to ohio?

i would like to know when a breast cancer walk is coming close to Middletown ohio my grandmother has had breast cancer three times and she is going threw it again and i would like to do something to show her i care and try to get help to end breast cancer.

look on the computer or just watch tv and it might show and then you might know.

How do people that run a marathon raise money for a charity?

OK so all the time i hear about how there is a cancer walk or marathon & the more people that go the more $ gets raised..
Where the heck does the $ come from?
And why is it that people can participate in a walk or run activity for a charity & actually make $ for the disease research, etc..?
I just dont understand the process.

Many events fund raise for charity as part of their registration fee. For example, a Thanksgiving 5k "Run for the Hungry" might charge $25 to participate, of which $5 goes to a particular charity and the rest goes to putting on the event itself.

There are other things out there like Team in Training or the Susan G. Komen 3-day walks in which participants do much more extensive fundraising by getting donations from friends, co-workers, etc. In exchange, they’ll get something like extensive marathon training and travel to an event, etc. The large coordinated groups like that usually do a lot to help people fund raise, sometimes also doing things like bake sales, car washes, etc. revolving around training and/or an event. It becomes a way to find donations to charities without point blank asking for funds and not providing anything in return. The Team in Training and Susan G. Komen operations are pretty huge in what they do. Lots of people are willing to throw a few charitable dollars at their friends or family members positively training for a marathon for themselves and fundraising for others at the same time.

But if you hear of a "cancer walk" or things like that, they’re usually just outright taking a portion of each person’s event registration fee and providing it directly to a specified charity. They find if they ask people to just each give them, say, $10 for cancer research, it doesn’t get very far. If they tell them to provide $30 to run in a competitive 5k (and they’ll give $10 to cancer research), they can get hundreds or thousands of people to participate at once.

Sometimes you’ll also have various businesses sponsoring an event, since they get some positive name recognition and marketing out of things, and even more $$ can go to charity via that channel. Some will also agree to match the funds that come in from participants or things like that — many like the opportunity to sponsor healthy community activities and charities for the positives they themselves get out of it.

How much should I donate for my new girlfriends charity walk?

We’ve only been dating for about a month but I’ve known her for years. I want to donate enough so she knows I care about her and the cause but I just got out of school and am trying to recover from the cost of college. Any ideas on how much I should donate without seeming like a cheap a$$?

And it’s an autism walk with flat donations. No extra $$ for how long you walk, just a set one time donation.

I think $50 ought to do it. Its not too much to break you but enough to get her attention.

walkathon insurance question?

my friend and i are planning a walk-a-thon at a park near our town this april. we have made many calls and found out that we need insurance (general liability) for 1 million dollars. do you guys know the best insurance agencies to call? or how to go about this? thanks

You need an Event Liability Policy. However without knowing what State/Province you live in it’s impossible to recommend anyone. You can always speak to the brokerage/agency where you have you car/home insured and ask if they provide this coverage. If not then you will have to look in your phone book and contact a few brokers in your area and see what they can provide.

My 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk v2

I just finished my walk and wanted to share my “wanne be professional” video documentary of my walk. I am no Spike Lee…..but you’ll get the point…and forgive my rough transitions….

Duration : 0:6:18

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