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tips on how to collect money for the breast cancer walk?

me and my team r walking in the breast cancer walk and i need help on fundraising tips

-also if you would like to sponsor me for the breast cancer walk you are welcome to. our team name is :Diamonds Are forever ,my name is Stefanie Reyes
im only 12 and if you want to sponsor me go to making strides.com

get a job and give the money to charity

NQC 2009: Janet Paschal Cancer Walk part 1

Janet Paschal Cancer Walk

Duration : 0:8:50

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4 Tips for Charity Walks from Biggest Loser Contestants

Before heading out to walk for Team Purple Fever in Detroit’s Walk MS, Coleen Skeabeck sits down with friends from Biggest Loser 6 to share some tips for walking.

Shellay Cremen, Amy Cremen, and Coleen’s dad Jerry Skeabeck all offer a tip to keep you comfortable during your walk.

Duration : 0:1:7

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Big Daddy Weave plays In Christ for Phils Friends and Edan Concerts

This was a cancer victim walkathon and concert in Schaumburg Illinois. Edan Concerts was there!

Duration : 0:3:2

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Lafayette Walk-a-Thon 2009

West Seattle Blog video from Lafayette Elementary as students brave the blusteriness – as do parent and staff volunteers – for the annual fundraising Walk-a-Thon, sponsored this year by more than 100 businesses, including WSB.

Duration : 0:0:59

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