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Link With Pink – “Here We Go” Fight Breast Cancer (Avon Walk For Breast Cancer Fundraiser Video)

“LINK WITH PINK” teammates Jane Herron, Mary Ellen Kuikman, and Kelly Bryant are linking the schools and communities in Chicago’s western suburbs in a grand effort to raise funds for Chicago’s Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. The event will take place in Chicago on June 6 and 7, 2009. LINK WITH PINK is determined to walk the equivalent of a marathon and a half over those two days!

Team members are training at MBC Fitness in Westmont, under the watchful eyes of their trainers, Dave Mellish and Sheila Lapinski. Weight training, short-distance, and long-distance walks, and good nutrition will be our focus for the next few months. You can help! Accompany us on our training walks, cheer us on along the route, join the team, or donate generously to our team members.

With our sweat and your dollars, LINK WITH PINK will raise valuable funds for the fight against breast cancer. Please visit our team website at www.avonwalk.org, then click on “Chicago June 6-7, 2009”, then click on “Teams”, then click on “Chicago Teams”, then scroll down to “Link with Pink”.

You can also go to www.avonwalk.org. At the very top of the page, click on “make a donation”. Then where it says “search for a team”, type in Link with Pink.

(Thanks to Ok Go in advance for their great song, “Here We Go Again” which we chose to use promote in this video.)

Duration : 0:1:57

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Comic Strip – Line Dance

32-count, 4-wall beginner level line dance choreographed by Zac Detweiller & Jillian Morse. Music:Comic Strip by Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot.
The dance was performed by Raindrops Dance team after the charity walk for Yee Hong Spring Into Wellness on Jun 13, 2009. $1,800 (CAD) has been raised for the charity walk.

Duration : 0:4:30

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breast cancer walk in Tokyo

walking around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Charity events are not quite ubiquitous, and a good portion of the participatns were foreigners. Giving is a concept yet to be widely introduced in this country where people barely have time even to think about themselves.

Duration : 0:0:38

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ECCO Walkathon 2008 – YCD – Maria.

ECCO Walkathon Warsaw 2008. You Can Dance – Maria Forys.

Duration : 0:1:28

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What are good breast cancer walk team names?

We are having a Pink Fest walk at my school and I ned some good team name ideas???

keep em bouncin