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How do i find out about charity walks such as *Breast Cancer Awaness..etc.* ?

I want to do as many as I can, as a personal goal. Where would some places I would look?

A few more examples would be like…
Cancer awareness, or Diabetes awareness.

Thanks a bunch guys xo.
charity/Community service stuff like such.

kudos to you for wanting to do all these walk. Just be reminded that the goal of these walks is to raise money… so doing 20 walks but not being able to hit up your friends/family 20 times really doesn’t help the issue.

Having said that, go online to search for american diabetes society, and american cancer society, leukemia society, etc. etc. and find the local chapters of each group. Get on their mailing lists for their walk events. Be aware, though, that you will most likely get on their general fundraising list as well, and get lots of appeals for donations.

Need a team name for an ovarian cancer awareness walk?

My best friend and I will be walking in an ovarian cancer awareness walk next month, as both of our Nana’s passed away from this disease. We need a team name and can’t think of anything. Any ideas?

Sisterhood of the Traveling Vaginas.


Okay so I’m participating in a walkathon in about 30 minutes… What should I wear??
Right now I’m thinking of wearing a white v-neck, a hoodie, sweatpants and comfy flip flops…
Is that okay??
Thanks in advance!

If i was you, I wouldn’t wear flip flops, you want to feel comfortable and your feet might get cold!
Wear sneakers or something but the rest is okay, i would wear the same thing!

2007 Atlanta 2 Day Breast Cancer Walk: 30 Miles with Yo Mama

A wonderful life changing event. Please take a few minutes and enjoy the Atlanta 2 Day Breast Cancer Walk through our eyes. During this 30.94 mile walk, we saw lots of Atlanta, met hundreds of others walking to help support agencies providing services to those affected by breast cancer.

Duration : 0:7:3

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PAM Charity Walk

PAM Annual Heroes Day Charity Walk September 16th, 2009

Duration : 0:10:17

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