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Does anyone when the Relay For Life cancer walk is.?

I was just wondering I need to know me and my friends were going to walk in the relay!!!

Hmmmm…there are over 4,000 all over the nation. Go to www.cancer.org to find the one near you.

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i know that there is walks for the cause to prevent suicide/mood disorders,but is there any kind of marathon?

is there any marathon to support the cause to prevent suicide and mood disorders? i can only find the overnight walk.
i want to know if there is a marathon like they have for the fight against cancer or leukemia.

I believe the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention will assist you in fundraising for any marathon you may want to enter.

I’m not offhand aware of a single event dedicated to raising funds for them.

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How can I organize a charity event?

A few of my friends and I want to organize a charity walk/run in our area. How can we get started?


You get a lot of people with a lot of money put them all in a room and say "Let’s have a charity event for the (insert charity here)"

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Breast Cancer Walk

Eyewitness News sponsors a Breast Cancer Walk.

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Phil Packer – Walking The London Marathon, Day 7

AffiliAidhttp://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/affiliaidNonprofitphil, packer, london, marathon, help, for, heroesPhil Packer – Walking The London Marathon, Day 7

Duration : 0:4:35

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