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Fundraising – needing donations for Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk?

I am participating in the Susan Koman Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. I am in need of donations and fundraising ideas. Any pointers?

If you would like more info and possibly donate, click on the link to go to my personal page. http://08.the3day.org/goto/tarasue

It’s hard to face it but the people you need to see are the family’s of the cancer victims. They have the most at stake.A few families on your side to help you out will make the work more easy to handle and fund raising for causes takes lots of emotion.

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How to Organize a Charity event such as a walk for cancer???

I really would like to know what it takes to organize this type of event. how much of my time will be needed as well as money. Does anyone have any ideas. Has anyone ever done this before??? Thanks in advance for all of you help!!!!

PLEASE, please, don’t do it. Your time could be spent so much better.

Everyone and his/her cause has a walk for something. My husband died of cancer, and the people who helped us most weren’t walking around, chatting with their friends and eating junk food under the spotlights through the night (Relay for Life) or stopping traffic in the roads.

Helpful people took care of our children when Daddy was in isolation and the doctors told me I needed to stay with him; they drove the kids to the hospital when they could visit; they made food and cleaned our house. One of them took my little guy to her house every Friday morning, fed him lunch and took him to afternoon kindergarten. They stayed with my husband so he wouldn’t be alone when I went back to work. They sent cards–and money to pay our bills.

People will give whatever they will. They don’t need you to walk a certain distance or amount of time. If you want pledges, ask them to pledge for every can of nutritional supplement you take to your local oncology office for patients who can’t eat much, need to keep up their strength and can’t afford to buy the supplements. They can pledge for every patient you drive to the office or hospital for treatment, every yard you mow because the homeowner just doesn’t have the strength now, every patient you take to the grocery store, church or concert; every one you go to visit.

The reason to do such a thing as you describe is to build fellowship among the people who do it. If that’s your goal, okay, but It’s not an efficient way to raise money.

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3 Day Breast Cancer Walk

slideshow of a 3 day breast cancer walk

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Ian Thorpe on ONJ’s Charity Walk For Cancer

Come on Thorpe fans! If you haven’t already go to the website and sponsor Ian!

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Does anybody have any ideas on how i can fundraise money for the Avon walk for breast cancer?

I will be participating in the Avon walk for breast cancer this year but i need to raise a minimum of $1,800. i have so far about $500 from donations and the walk is only about a month and half away. andy suggestions?
okay yes i did let everyone here know but in order for me to get the credit for the donations thay have to let Avon walk they are donating to support me.

When I did the Avon Walk a couple of years ago, I was in your shoes – about a month away and over $1k to raise. I had the help of a good friend and we did two things:

1 – We asked our local Wal-Mart to let us set up a table outside their store on a busy weekend. We had gotten some pink ribbon and some lace ribbon from a craft store and glued the ribbon together with the lace as a border. We gave the ribbons to those people who gave a donation of $1 or more.
2 – Harder, but more effective. We basically hit the sidewalks and went door to door. We explained that I was doing the Avon Walk and the story behind my walk (I was walking in memory of my mom). While some people were rude, others were amazingly generous. Again, gave the ribbons away to those who donated. I had created a flyer with my name and address, plus the link to the web site where they could make a donation directly (in case they felt leery about giving money to a stranger).

If you live in a smaller community, you might try the local radio stations to get some PR.

In the end we were able to raise about $3k and my Avon Walk experience will always be a great memory.

Hope this helps,

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