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Costume ideas? My 6 yr old son has to have a costume with the theme being food. I can't sew ! HELP !?

My son has a walkathon around the school oval where they have to get sponsorship and dress up to a theme – his year is dressing up as food. Any ideas and info on how to make these ideas would be greatly appreciated. Or any links to websites etc. I can not sew so don't suggest sewing! Ahhhhh! Im thinking along the lines of making something he can wear that is made with cardboard etc…I only have 2 weeks. It has been suggested that we don't go to costume shops but anyway I don't want that kind of expense – he is only 6.

Hope this helps!


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The Stars of Faith “Walk” Holly Springs MS

The Stars of Faith of Holly Springs MS performing “Walk” in 2006. Video by LC.

Duration : 0:4:47

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Angelman Syndrome Walk-A-Thon

Please visit our website @ www.firstgiving.com/jrgrover

Duration : 0:5:20

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HW question very difficult math algebra 2?

this question is so easy yet hard, i know how to do it but it doest look right.

you are taking part in a charity walk a thon where u can either walk or run. you walk at four kilometers per hour and run at 8 kilometers per hour. the walkathon last 3 hours. money is raised based on the total distance you t ravel in the three hours. ur sponsors donate 15 dollars for every kilometer u travel. write an expression that gives the total amount of money u raise. evaluate the expression if u walk for two hours and run for one


15[2(4) + 1(8)]



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2008 Friends 1K MS Walk

Fighting MS

Duration : 0:4:58

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