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Announcement: Walkathon Charity Events


A walkathon can be a great way to raise money for your organization or special project. Yes, a walkathon is a fundraiser. However, it is much more.

Walkathons are used to let others know about your organization’s mission. These charity events can be used to engage and promote local businesses. They also can be used as a way to identify new volunteers and advocates.

With so many potential benefits coming from one of these walk events, it is no surprise that many organizations are now hosting walkathon fundraising events. There are at least three major items to consider before deciding to get started:

  1. Successful walkathons require significant planning and preparation. You may have attended a walk event in the past that appeared easy. The easier it looks, the more planning and preparation was probably given to it that made it appear easy. Make sure you have several committed volunteers before getting started.
  2. Successful walkathons usually require some money before the fundraising begins and always requires insurance that covers the event. if your organization does not have an adequate insurance that will cover the walkathon, this is an additional cost that must be considered before getting started. Enlisting sponsors to your event can be a great way to raise the startup capital required.
  3. Successful walkathons require something that allows it to stand out above all of the other walkathons and other charity events that are taking place in the same time frame.  This something could be some twist to the event itself or it could be something unique about the organization’s mission or project the money is being raised for.

If you still want to hold a walkathon after considering these items, good for you! The purpose of the Walkathon Blog is to provide ideas, tips, resources and stories that will help you in your endeavor.


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  • Mastermo411 August 26th, 2010 at 6:01 pm

    I saw this idea about a walkathon that would go forever. Here’s a link http://bit.ly/b1gOBT – does anything like this exist? Thanks for the help.

  • Monty K Reed September 2nd, 2010 at 4:18 am

    4th Annual They Shall Walk & Roll A Thon where hundreds of walkers and rollers will move up the Shoreline Interurban Trail to raise money and awareness for www. They Shall Walk org
    Wheelchairs, skates, scooters, strollers, skateboards, walkers and rollers. Vendor booths, food, fun, family, friends and memories.
    Saturday October 30, 2010 9am in the Seattle Washington area. The North Seattle town is called Shoreline.
    Get off of Interstate 5 at the 145th street exit and go west young man. At the Shoreline Sears you will find the costume contest and the walkers and rollers.
    Great Prizes too.
    Register Online.

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